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Icon Class Attacker Attacker

Profile Max

Profile Edit

  • Age: Unknown
  • Height: 185 cm (6 ft 0 in)
  • Weight: 77 kg (169.4 lbs)
  • Constellation: Capricorn
  • Career: Unknown
  • Hobby: Pets

Skill Edit

36x36px White Tiger Impact
Causes damage to 1 target, with a chance to trigger Slaughter that kills an enemy. A special skill from the ancient mysterious Forest Tribe. Well, nobody can resist furry paws.

Intro Edit

A mysterious man. Tall and strong with golden furry skin. Looks like a cat-ish orc. A rarely seen species hidden in deep forest with a noble bloodline as the king of monsters. But for some reason, he is making friends with human and trying to fit in the society. Looks strong, reliable and serious, but a big cat from inside.

Suits Edit

Standard Sports Casual Formal Swimsuit
Requirement: N/A Requirement: Requirement: Requirement: Requirement:
218x366px 218x366px 218x366px 218x366px 218x366px

Destiny Edit

  • Fresh look1
  • Naturalism1
  • A guide1
  • Fresh look2
  • Naturalism2
  • A guide2
  • Naturalism3
  • A guide3